Disclaimer Notice:

Online Impersonation & Identity Theft

The attention of the Management of Capitalfield Investment Group Ltd has been drawn to the activities of impostors who have been impersonating our brand identity, while conducting questionable transactions that border on a pyramid scheme.

Capitalfield Investment Group Ltd is a Group of Companies with 9 Subsidiaries namely:

» Cit Microfinance Bank Ltd
» Cit Bureau De Change Ltd
» Logicvantage & Trust Ltd
» Capitalfield Energy & Allied Services Ltd
» Tentropics Marines Ltd
» Roots Mining Co. Ltd
» Seedland Agro-Allied Limited
» Capitalfield Asset Management Company Ltd
» Capitalfield Financial Management Ltd

We have absolutely NO AFFILIATION with the Online business that operates under the name ‘Capitalfield Invest Fund’, even when they have brazenly used our brand name and displayed our logo to drive their suspicious activities. We neither conduct illegal, get-rich-quick schemes nor sponsor them.

Our Only Authentic Contact Numbers are:

In our opinion, the impersonators have seen that we have a strong reputation for integrity and are trying to leverage on it. We remain a Group that upholds high standards of integrity and transparency. All our operations are strictly within the dictates of the law. We dearly cherish our carefully built, long-standing image in the eye of the public.

We will also keep working with law enforcement to rein in on identity thieves and manipulators, who prey on unsuspecting individuals in order to enrich themselves.

Kindly Beware!!!

Thank You.

Head, Corporate Communications

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