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If you have some extra money that you won’t need for a while, lock it away in Investment Notes and watch your investment grow. With a fixed rate of interest and a choice of terms, you can be sure of what you’re getting.

CFML Investment Notes is an innovative new structured product developed by CapitalField Financial Management Ltd (CFML) and made available to you. We offer the investment appeal of Structured Products with the liquidity of normal equities. We provide an alternative to share dealing that can enhance and complement your portfolio, and even provide you access to traditionally institutional markets like commodities, currencies and property, all with an element of capital protection if held to maturity. And by offering Investment Notes via (CFML), they are available at a lower cost than traditional structured products.

Why Trade Investment Notes?

The reasons for trading Investment Notes will vary depending on the type of investor and each note may not be right for everyone. Investment Notes will help investors pursue a range of objectives, including:

Diversification across asset classes
Generating income/returns
Offering levels of Capital Protection
Access to markets without direct exposure
Accessing investments not typically available to individual investors

Earn up to 20% interest per annum
Fixed interest rate
Better interest rate than your regular savings account
Choose how long you want to put your money away for
Choose how you want to receive your interest

Option of monthly interests paid into customer’s account
Option of upfront interest on commercial papers
Backend interests with principal at the end of tenor

A Minimum of
and above

Tenor of
60 – 365
days with an option of roll over

on investments

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