CapitalField Financial Management Ltd (CFML) offers a comprehensive range of Asset Finance Options from Finance Leases and Operating Leases to Highly Structured Solutions.

Asset Finance, from big ticket items to smaller moveable classes, requires financing solutions suited to the asset being purchased and (CFML) has in depth understanding in providing such financing. Assets financed include vessels, motor vehicles, light weight and heavy duty trucks, industrial equipment, power generating sets, manufacturing plants, marine assets as well as other plant and machinery.

Who is Asset Finance for?

Asset finance is ideal for SMEs that are looking to invest in business growth through commercial finance.

It is a common predicament for SMEs; you can see the potential for growth in your business, but there’s not enough readily available working capital to pursue the opportunities. And yet, the best way to generate more working capital is through growth.

Asset finance offers an effective solution to this paradox.

Whether you need new equipment financing options or need to refinance existing assets, asset finance is perfect for businesses looking for the flexibility to grow the way they want to.

We Partner with our clients to understand their business needs, enabling innovative and customized solutions that meet each client’s unique requirements.

Our expertise in deal structuring is further complemented by a thorough understanding of the tax, fiscal, legal and regulatory frameworks of the Nigerian market.

Our industry specialists contribute in-depth knowledge from a broad range of disciplines and sectors, including oil and gas, motor vehicle rental and construction. We are experienced in providing financing and structuring solutions to leading operators of assets in Nigeria.

We also have extensive experience of structured financing and tax-based transactions. Our client base includes banks and arrangers, major airlines, ship owners and operators, lessors and manufacturers of a variety of assets.

Our Variety of Structures and Products:

  • Asset Backed Finance: Secured on (auto loans, equipment leases, trade, consumer receivables & mortgages)
  • Credit Financing: Financing secured on underlying fixed income assets which have no or limited liquidity.
  • Maritime Financing: Secured on Shipping assets (cargo, container, bulk carriers & tankers), offshore drill ships/rigs and support vessels.
  • Incentivised Finance: Financing supported by legislated subsidies and tax based incentives provided by governments to stimulate genuine economic activity.
  • Real Estate Financing: Financing of commercial and residential property assets. Providing underwriting, holding and distribution of deals across the capital structure.

Our dedicated staff has deep local knowledge and industry experience in asset finance, and has gained market recognition as a major asset finance service provider in Nigeria. The Asset finance team is also able to leverage on Capitalfield Group’s network of specialists to support the team.

Want to learn more about asset financing?

Our consultants are experts in understanding businesses of all sizes within all sectors. Feel free to give us a call