You probably started the year 2021 with the blazing force of a bull about to knock an opponent down. Confident and motivated to start afresh with the new year, with mantras like; “new year, new me”, “new year resolutions”, “new year, new beginnings”. Then little by little, as the year swiftly ran by, that confidence started to diminish; instead of scaling new heights, you began white-knuckling it to hold on for another day, another week, or another month.


Don’t worry that is normal, you are after all human. More often than not, when we are faced with anything that can upset the comfortability, stability and routine pace we have adapted ourselves to, our minds subconsciously go into survival mode.

But there’s good; there is still enough time left in the year to make a meaningful impact towards executing your goals. Whether it’s losing weight, quitting smoking, starting a new savings plan, achieving a financial goal or climbing out of debt.

Take the “I-will-start-over-in-January” mentality and bin it. Deciding to start anything requires a leap of faith. For it is far easier to procrastinate a thing than it is to begin a thing. Especially something that its success or failure is unknown.


Overweight man beginning his fitness journey.


You have probably heard the words “better late than never” multiple times, to a point where it has become clichéd, but truer words than these have never been spoken. The truth is, there is never a right time or right moment for anything. There’s no timeline or expiration date on when to start. You just have to start.

Some of the successful businesses we have come to know today, were started later in the lives of these icons. Some examples are; Colonel Sanders who started his first KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) at the age of 62; Vera Wang didn’t start designing wedding gowns until the age of 40; Takichiro Mori, two-time world richest man did not venture into real estate investment until he was 55 years; Juila Child didn’t write her first cookbook until she was 50, which launched her career as a star chef; J K Rowling, Author of popular series Harry Potter started writing at her lowest point in life and was rejected 12 times but today, she is one of the highest paid authors.



There is no deadline to success, therefore as we proceed towards the end of the year, note that there is still ample time to actualize or at least begin the process towards actualizing the goals you set for yourself at the beginning of the year.

If you’re under the illusion that you need the most innovative idea before you can begin, you couldn’t be more incorrect. The best ideas are often borne out of the most mundane actions. Achieving long-term goals just require perseverance.

If your goal at the beginning of the year was to start your own business, get a job, save up, invest or launch your own book, you still have 64 days before the year 2021 runs out. You can still do it!

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