We Provide Trade Finance Services for Lenders and Borrowers on National, International and Cross-Border Trade Finance Transactions.

With an outstanding reputation in commodities and structured Trade Finance, we are able to bring a holistic approach to structured trade and commodity finance matters. Working at the leading edge of international trade and export finance, we act for banks, development banks, export credit agencies, traders, exporters and other market players. Our extensive experience spans the breadth of structured trade and commodity finance.

Our Areas of Business

  Structured Pre-Export Financing
  Structured Pre-Payment Financing
  Warehouse Financing
■  Limited-Recourse Structures
  Facilities Backed By Export Credit Agencies
  Documentary Credits and Standby Letters Of Credit
  Forfaiting, Bill Acceptance and Note Purchase Facilities
  Commodity Financing
  Factoring, Invoice Discounting and Receivables Financing

Trade Finance Services Offered

We offer a strong combination of an understanding of physical and derivatives contracts, shipping, trade and commodities finance, regulatory and contentious experience to both domestic and international clients. This means we are able to advise lenders and borrowers on all aspects of even the most complex trade financing mandates, including in relation to cutting-edge trade receivables transactions.

We take a commercial approach to providing solutions whether using established methods or innovative structures. Our highly rated dispute resolution team have vast experience of trade finance disputes and advising on the cross border issues which arise.

Work with us and take advantage of our service and let us find the right structure to mitigate your risks and to finance your trade finance transactions, specifically tailored to your needs.

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